CyberSecurity Services

Every business is at risk of cyber-attacks like phishing, ransomware, hackers, and malware. Legion delivers end-to-end solutions designed to protect your company's brand, reputation, and ability to execute.

Managed SIEM Service

Our Managed SIEM service enhances your security posture through proactive threat hunting to detect and respond to a multitude of threats across your Cloud, SaaS, and On-Premise environments. Available automation and orchestration capabilities allow us to respond to threats at machine speed, keeping you safe and preventing costly security incidents.

Penetration Testing

Legion’s offensive security services are designed to harden your technology environments against cyber-threats.  We identify gaps in your systems, applications, and security controls, and our delivery process is designed to provide guidance for improving your detection and prevention processes, tools, and methods.

24/7 Managed Threat Response

Our EDR and MTR solution is simple to deploy, non-invasive, and starts delivering deep protection, detection, and response capabilities on day-one.  The core technology is powered by SOPHOS Central Intercept X Advanced and our joint team of cybersecurity experts, giving you 24z7 proactive threat hunting and the best protection against ransomware, malware, exploits, and malicious traffic.

Firewall and Network Infrastructure Management

We deliver network and security infrastructure solutions from SOPHOS, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco Meraki including sales, implementation, and management.  Our trained and certified engineers have decades of experience designing and deploying networking and security solutions to keep our customers secure, maximize availability and performance, and reduce cost and complexity using the latest SD-WAN technologies.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Our Extended Detection and Response solution gives our clients visibility across cloud and on-premise infrastructure, applications, endpoints, and business applications.  The expert security practitioners in our Legion CyberCorps collect and analyze data across multiple sources, applying best-in-class technologies to detect and respond to threats at machine speed, and through our human-driven threat hunting and adversary detection processes.

Incident Response

We have handled dozens of security breaches, account take over incidents, and network intrusions over the years.  Our experience, processes, expertise, and access to the best tools in the industry means we quickly identify and contain threats within your environment, and work with you to remove the threats and resume business operations.  We work with you 100% of the way through, acting as a valuable resource for your team, your customers, and as a liaison with law enforcement when that is necessary.

Alliance Partners

We are known for our unstoppable drive, our partnership approach with our customers, our dedication to excellence, and for our fierceness in protecting our clients against cyber-threats.

What Our Clients are Saying

“In an increasingly complex cyber security landscape, the safety and integrity of our clients’ B2B ecosystems are of critical importance to Corevist. Simply implementing tools was not sufficient to ensure the security and privacy of the order and transaction data flowing through our networks. We needed a partner that we could rely on and trust the day-to-day security of our clients and their customers to. Legion Cyberworks has proven to be an experienced, professional and knowledgeable partner that we can safely and reliably stake our reputation on and allow us to give our users peace of mind.”

Justin Diana, VP of Operations at Corevist, Inc.

Blue Team Partner Corevist, Inc.

“From monitoring daily activity to navigating extremely complex cyber security issues, Legion Cyberworks is our most valuable IT Security business partner”.

Robb Cass, President of AccuDoc Solutions

Deep Expertise AccuDoc Solutions

The Legion Cyberworks team has proven to be an invaluable Cybersecurity partner, seamlessly integrating with our day-to-day operations providing guidance, expertise and execution.


— Chris Nobles, Vice President of Engineering at Mediant

Partnership Mediant Communications