Ransomware attacks, exploitation of vulnerable Internet-facing services, workstation compromise, lateral movement and command-and-control are all examples of cyber-attacks that can be largely prevented by finding and fixing exploitable vulnerabilities.

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  • NodeZero is leveraged as a force multiplier to speed up detection and remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Immediate business value with impact-focused pentesting managed by the security team at Legion Cyberworks
  • Legion runs the tests, reviews and evaluates the results with you, and delivers consulting and remediation services to fix the vulnerabilities, reducing your risks
  • Includes professional services hours you can use for remediation, additional pentesting, web application security auditing, table top exercises, blue team advisory services, incident response, and more throughout the year


Learn about how our VRT pentesting as a service is helping secure Corevist's B2B and eCommerce platform for SOC-2 compliance and hardened security.

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Automation, AI, Expertise

The core technology of our VRT Service is NodeZero, which uses a mix of industry-standard and proprietary attack techniques to discover and validate exploitable vulnerabilities within the target network. Continuous pentesting helps network administrators address key security questions about their environment.

  • Are my “crown jewels” systems and data secure?
  • What urgent issues must I remediate immediately?
  • How should I prioritize my vulnerabilities and other defensive efforts?
  • Are detection & remediation times improving?
  • Are my security tools and procedures effective?
  • Am I lowering the impact risk of a cyber attack?

Prevention First Security Model

Think of Virtual Red Teaming as a ‘sparring partner’ that helps an organization proactively harden its systems and improve security controls. The alternative for organizations would be to wait for a breach to verify their security postures.

Our Managed VRT Service combines the power of the NodeZero APTaaS platform with our security engineers, analysts, and consultants to deliver a powerful security solution that protects your business by finding and fixing the most widely used vulnerabilities that adversaries exploit.

Legion's Managed VRT Service dramatically speeds up your capability to find and close security risks by giving you access to our team of professionals across several security disciplines including Red Teaming, Web Application Security, Cloud Security, Incident Response, who leverage NodeZero as a force multiplier against cyber-threats.