Ground Zero - Your Business Workstations

There is a war taking place where one of the main the battlegrounds is your corporate workstations. Malicious websites and web ads, phishing, ransomware, credential stealing crimeware, and a myriad other threats all ultimately target your workstations to gain a foothold within your environment so the crooks can access, steal, and hold ransom your critical business data. Our endpoint security solution combines class leading prevention from Sophos with a 24x7 service where our joint security operations teams proactively and reactively analyze and respond to detections, suspicious activity, and known threats.

Don't be a Victim

Cyber-criminals are working overtime and will stop at nothing to take over your systems, hold your business hostage with ransomware, and disrupt your operations, while damaging your reputation and costing you thousands in response and remediation.

Does Your Organization Need MTR?

Our Managed Threat Response solution is suited to organizations of all sizes. If any of the following describe your organization, we should talk because Legion Cyberworks can close out these gaps and give you peace of mind.

  • Lack the head-count or expertise to keep up with the latest threats
  • Looking for 24/7 monitoring of their environment
  • Struggle to conduct threat hunting and response in-house
  • Want the peace of mind knowing a team of experts is managing their security operations
  • Want to go beyond automated protection but do not have the capabilities to take full advantage of their EDR tool
  • Are looking for the capabilities of a modern security operations center (SOC)
Let's Go!


Your users, workstations and servers are on the front lines of a battle with extraordinarily high stakes.  Don't go it alone.  Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service delivers around-the-clock coverage that most organizations in the SMB space cannot deliver internally.  You get powerful prevention and detection technology, and our 24/7 response services to safeguard your organization against intrusions, data breaches, and other costly cyber-threats.  For customers who also subscribe to our full suite of managed security services, we monitor, detect, and protect with depth and breadth that is unique in the market place.

Our Solution

Take your endpoint security beyond EDR!  Our 24/7 Managed Threat Response service enhances the industry leading SOPHOS EDR system by layering on a full-time security team for maximum protection against threats around the clock.

  • 24/7 Threat Hunting, Adversarial Detections, Security Health Check, Data Retention, & Activity Reporting
  • 24/7 Malicious Traffic Detection, Synchronized Security Heartbeat, Synchronized Application Control (with a suitable XG Firewall)
  • Cryptoguard Anti-Ransomware, Root Cause Analysis (Windows only: Exploit Prevention, Sophos Clean)


We are known for our unstoppable drive, our partnership approach with our customers, our dedication to excellence, and for our fierceness in protecting our clients against cyber-threats.  Our security analysts and engineers hold industry recognized certifications, and are trained in-house on our workflows and processes that are an essential part of how we deliver services to our valued customers.


In the simplest terms, we are here to deliver cybersecurity solutions that maximize your uptime, protect confidentiality, ensure compliance with applicable data privacy and security regulations, and protect your business against cyber-threats that result in significant costs, business disruptions, and damage to your brand and reputation.


Your staff works on-site, at home, and on the go.  Protect your business and data from cyber-attacks and rest easy.

We cover your endpoints no matter where they are, stopping malware, ransomware, and exploits.


Our endpoint security solution is powered by SOPHOS Intercept X and delivers market leading technology, and equips our security engineers and analysts with advanced tooling to detect, prevent, and respond to threats in your environment 24 hours a day, keeping you protected.

We go way beyond antivirus

Your legacy antivirus solution is letting you down. Our MTR solution combines next-generation tooling, technology, and 24/7 highly skilled security analysts and engineers to deliver the ultimate in protection for your business.

  • Blocks malicious traffic
  • Cryptoguard Anti-Ransomware protection
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Endpoint Threat Response to contain and mitigate threats