Legion Cyberworks delivers cybersecurity consulting, services, and solutions that help our clients identify and manage risks.  We specialize in compliance consulting covering HIPAA, SEC Regulation S-P, FINRA guidelines and rules, and PCI-DSS.

We provide executive level consulting services through our Virtual CISO program, giving you a trusted resource for helping make decisions regarding Governance, Risk Management, and Security Planning & Execution.

We help our clients defend against threats by putting solutions in place to disrupt and degrade the attacker’s ability to achieve his objective.  Whatever challenges your organization is facing, we can help through our knowledge led by experience advantage and consultative approach to relationships and problem solving.

Solutions Overview

  • Virtual CISO Consulting
  • Cyber intrusion response and recovery
  • Threat Prevention Solutions
    • Next Generation Firewalls
    • Endpoint Security
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems
    • AI & Machine Learning Cyber Detection & Defense Systems
  • Secure network and security infrastructure implementation
  • Security Program Assessments and SOC-2 Program Consulting
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Compliance Services for HIPAA, Reg S-P, FINRA, PCI-DSS