Sophos Solutions

Legion Cyberworks is proud to be a Sophos partner.  We have over a decade of experience installing and managing products and solutions from Sophos to defend against malware, hackers, and other threats.  Use the information and links below to learn more, and then contact us to find out how affordable comprehensive protection from a global leader in cyber security is.


Sophos Intercept X is the next generation in malware defense and forensics.  Intercept X is like having a skilled security team in a box, working 24×7 to detect and stop threats, and to perform post exploit and post detonation forensics and clean-up.  In terms of Ransomware protection, Sophos Intercept X gives you unparalleled protection via the advanced CryptoGard capability that uses signatureless analysis of file encryption processes, creates backup copies of files before they are encrypted, and shuts down malicious encryption before it compromises your data.  Sophos Clean then provides a deep and thorough cleanse of your system to remove all traces of the malware.  Click here for more information!


Unified Threat Management that is simple to use and manage, easy for security and network staff to master, and extremely effective at stopping threats and delivering outstanding value.  Click here for more information on our Sophos SG UTM solutions.


The Sophos XG firewall is an advanced Next Generation platform delivering powerful threat protection, ease of use, advanced policy and management features, and world class network and system protection, from a global leader in cyber security.  Click here to access more information about the XG Firewall from Sophos.


Sophos SafeGuard Encryption protects your valuable data from loss and theft and helps your business achieve your compliance goals.  Click this link to find out about the powerful encryption features of SafeGuard.