At Legion Cyberworks, we believe in taking a knowledge led by experience approach to problem solving and we put every bit of expertise we have to work for our clients to help them solve the most complex and the most mundane of challenges related to cyber security and data privacy.  We would like to put our skills to work for you too.

We are confident that we can help you and your business, no matter what challenges you are faced with.  Our extensive experience and our partnerships with the top cyber security vendors mean that you get top-shelf solutions that you can trust.

Security Planning and Preparation

Plan Ahead

Prevention is key but it is not always possible.  Hackers only need a single win, while we have to be right 100% of the time.  Unfortunately, this is not possible.  That means intrusions are inevitable.  Having a plan is the difference between order and chaos when things go down hill.  On top of planning for a cyber intrusion, ransomware, a DDOS attack, or a case of internal misconduct, you should build a strong cyber security posture so that you reduce your attack surface area and are able meet any applicable regulatory and contractual requirements you have for data privacy and security.

Have a Partner

The Legion Cyberworks team has decades of experience in this.  We will sit down with you and help develop a vision and a plan to suit your exact needs.  Leveraging our knowledge led by experience approach, we will make sure that what we end up with maximizes the value to your business, by finding the right balance between security and function.

Security Program Assessment

Our Security Program Assessment (SPA) service is a valuable addition to, or a replacement for, your internal processes of reviewing, validating, and improving your Security Program, giving your organization an objective, experienced third-party evaluation, which is often a requirement for annual certification and compliance.

The SPA engagement deliverable is a report of findings and associated recommendations for how your organization can achieve compliance and improve your overall security program across the five fundamental areas of Cybersecurity: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Get your copy of our Security Program Assessment process overview document today.